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Seaplane Can Tho To Saigon

With the propitious location, Sai Gon is universally regarded as the bustling commercial city with the crowded population and abundant volume of tourist attractions to visit. If wanting to reach Saigon right from Can Tho, it’s proudly offered the eminent tour package featuring the 45-minute seaplane from Can Tho to Saigon. Since the geographical distance is shortened conveniently, the so-called vacationers can value the free moments to the notch of comfort ranging from riverscape to cityscape. While Saigon is best known for its busting lifestyle and crowded population, Can Tho gains fame with clean river and green land. Travelling to these two destinations will never lack excitement, especially on the ritzy Seaplane.

Instead of traveling by road and water, travelers can reach Saigon from Can Tho with the exclusive offers of Seaplane transport via the Flight No HAI804 (17:00 – 17:45). When staying on the modern Seaplane, everybody is comforted with the ritzy amenities and almost any ingredient they seek to have the perfect sightseeing and resting experience. Millions of photos and videos have been made on the daily basics that help the busy vacationers to stay clear of stress and trauma.

Right in Can Tho, the fantastic picture of the countryside is colored with the natural combination of water and land that make it totally eye-catching from the top view. Along with the surrounding borders, Can Tho’s beauty withstands the test of time via the evergreen charm. In the north side of Tien River’s downstream, this tourist destination is featured with the floating villages, boats, green gardens, etc. As the perfect getaway to explore the beauty of Mekong Delta, Can Tho is worth visiting in hours to put stress behind the back and welcome the new perspectives of sightseeing and resting.

After departing, the tourists can stay energetic to record the experience and value their touring moments with the beloveds, family members, or close friends. Some even report that their love bond can be tightened successfully thanks to the seaplane’s highlights and services. When it comes to Saigon, the cityscape here will amaze you with the bustling atmosphere enveloped with millions of vehicles, buildings, and citizens. With 45-minute Flight, you enjoy the exciting route from Can Tho to Saigon smoothly. The sunset beauty from 17:00 to 17:45 time frame definitely wins your interest from the bottom of heart.

Mingle with the citizens here so that you enjoy the Seaplane Tours in the friendly demeanor. Ever wish to travel as the little bird? It’s time to flight from the riverscape to the seascape to perceive the big WOW throughout the tour of hours. Whether you are travelling alone or touring in groups, the 45-minute Seaplane boosts your leisure to the summit of comfort and self-indulgence. Notice the prices of SIC Public Grs Fare ($280) and SIC President Grs Fare ($200) with maximum capacity of 6 passengers plus 20kg luggage/px to make the tour of satisfaction. Are those affordable for you all? Book the Remark 20DEC14 to obtain the big fun and joy soon!

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