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MEKONG HORIZON Co., Ltd. is a private owned company having its operations base in Cai Be (Mekong delta - Vietnam) and operating under international tour-operator license.
Since March 2003, the company has been focusing its activities in the development of touristic infrastructures in the Mekong delta, region which is part of the GMS (Greater Mekong Sub-region: Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam), the fastest growing tourism destination in the world.
Every year, millions of tourists are visiting the GMS with a wide variety of motivations and preferred styles of travel. Among these, there are travelers who are interested in contributing to local economies in socially responsible ways, so that their money benefit local people. These types of tourists are increasingly concerned about the effects tourism have on the environment and local way of life. The widening consumer niche market they represent is a critical demand factor that encourages investment in more sustainable forms of travel and development.
In this respect, MEKONG HORIZON has developed a range of products, activities and projects that:
- Minimizes negative economic, environmental and social impacts.
- Generates economic benefits for local people, enhances the community and improves working conditions.
- Involves local people in the decision-making process.
- Contributes to the conservation of the environment and cultural heritage.
- Provides an enjoyable tourism experience and opportunity for tourists to meet locals.
- Provides tourists with a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues.
- Provides access for physically challenged tourists.
- Promotes respect between tourists and hosts, while building locals’ confidence.

The company operates today an own-built flotilla of 12 boats with designs and styles reflecting true authentic ancient "sampans" (“Cai Be Princess”, “Song Xanh”) using materials such as rattan, bamboo and exotic wood.
Since April 2005, MEKONG HORIZON also operates a restaurant named "Le Longanier", a beautiful two storeys villa with typical Indochinese architecture located on the Phu An river banks, in a lush tropical garden surrounded by fruit orchard plantations, trees and exotic flowers.
In 2010, MEKONG HORIZON has become a leading services supplier for all Vietnam based tour-operators and corporate companies, employing a total number of 80 employees, all native from rural areas adjacent to Cai Be, and locally trained by the company.

Cai Be Princess in Mekong delta           Cai Be Princess in Mekong delta

Cai Be Princess Sampans in Mekong           Cai Be princess Sampans in Mekong river delta

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