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Welcome Phoenix Cruise ! - We wish to value your experience for any moments. Have a great time exploring the paradise of islands with our team!

It is a great honor for us to have you on Phoenix Cruiser! You are going to discover Ha Long Bay - the unique World Heritage on Phoenix. The luxurious facilities comfort you and our professional crews make you feel like at home. We assure that you will enjoy best of your time then recommend our service to others. We would love to make the cruise worthy of your choice. Therefore, we constantly improve the quality of services in order to satisfy customers.

Our guides:

One of our best Human properties is Tour Guide team with more than 30 full time internal guides and tens of external free lance guides who are richly contributing to South Pacific Travel JSC. They are working as the leaders in English speaking markets as well as our strength in the company's classic markets including: Russian, Korean, French speaking Guides and others. By their knowledge, language skills, non - verbal communication skill, especially enthusiast, creativeness and job - loving, they are bringing our successful day trips, authentic and highlighted schedules also customized tours and well-done their task as friendly ambassadors between South Pacific Travel and its customers. They respect and follow our principle: South Pacific Travel - where memories are made!!!

Our drivers:

As you know, no one can deny the importance of human resources that is the reason why we pay a lot of attention to invest, manage, develop as well as take care of this department. We can say in very modest way that they are not perfect ones but they are well trained in tourism and hospitality industry thus they are safe and skillful drivers, also friendly, warm partners. They are internal, close-knit drivers of South Pacific Travel JSC., with long themselves experiences in safe driving skills and enthusiastic and professional in serving tourists for both domestic and international ones.

Our crews:

As part of the process of serving customer, our captains, our crew and our instructors await your arrival. Their combined efforts and experience will ensure that you will have the best time possible while traveling with us. Each crew member has the freedom to act with autonomy to solve problem (if it happens), but also has the responsibility to check with others to make sure we are coordinating our actions.

Our office staff:

There are plenty of good reasons to collaborate with South Pacific. We are a combination of travel experts, seasoned technology designers, acoustical consultants, experienced & professionals marketing staff. We listen. We learn our customers' comments. We work with your goals in mind when we apply your recommendations. No lack of creativity here. We apply whatever it takes, from common sense approaches to complex acoustics and vibration calculations to meet our customer's objectives. We understand that our success is derived only from achieving our customers' expectations. We have been doing this for our clients.

Phoenix cruise Halong bay           Halong bay Vietnam

Deluxe room - Phoenix cruise           Bathroom - Phoenix cruise Halong

Sundeck of Phoenix cruise           Twin room - Phoenix cruise Halong bay

Halong Phoenix Cruiser - in 2009 - 2010

+ Bhaya cruise Halong bay tour 2 days
+ Bhaya cruise Halong bay tour 3 days


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