Saigon - Cu Chi tunnels tour 1 day


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+ Ho Chi Minh City - the industrial hub of Vietnam, has huge resources to draw your attention. This dynamic city being the cultural trendsetter constitutes the core of Vietnam. It is also the biggest city of the nation and considered as the economic capital of the country. The Ho Chi Minh City features French colonial architecture mingled with Chinese influences. The city was once known as Saigon. Later the government of Ha Noi changed its name to Ho Chi Minh City. However its previous name, Saigon, is still more popular among people of Vietnam. The city with its bustling street markets, cafes, shops, pagodas and museums offers a microcosmic view of the entire nation.

+ The Cu Chi tunnels - The Cu Chi tunnels are 1.5 hour drive away from Ho Chi Minh City. The Cu Chi Tunnels are a maze of interlinked tunnels that were built by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. Theses tunnels were barely one meter high and ran 80 cms across and were used as supply routes, kitchens hospitals and training facilities. Theses tunnels were instrumental in winning the Vietnam War as these tunnels formed an effective base for the Viet Cong while launching guerrilla attacks. The area had literary become a “free fire zone” during the Vietnam War as the American carpet bombed the area. The Viet people answer was to literally take everything underground.

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