Cuc Phuong national park 1 day


Get back to nature - Cuc Phuong National Park

So the accommodation is nothing special, the food was average and my shower didn't's not why I went to Cuc Phuong via a pretty miserable night in Ninh Binh - it was about trekking, birding and seeing the primate centre. I did all three and they were fantastic. The highlight was certainly the primate centre with the blond female gibbons stealing the show, the turtle sanctuary across the track was also great and I also got to see a Pied Falconet, a Red Headed Drogan and a Rufus Tail Robin - if you know what these are then you'll know it was not a bad morning!
Ignore any critics, just go - of all my travels in Asia this is amongst the best National Parks I've visited



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